About Shockout

Who We Are

Shockout Arts is a dynamic and innovative dance school – the first in the country to offer higher level qualifications in Professional and Commercial dance since 2013. This system of training underpins Shockout’s ethos and interpretation of Commercial Dance; a hybridity of styles supported by sound technique and professional values.
This unique and innovative approach has successfully enabled Shockout to proudly say we are …
‘A Step Above The Rest’.

As Shockout continues to pave the way for aspiring dancers to train in the North West, in a wide range of genres and styles, it is the artistic flair, technical concentration and stylistic approach that truly sets our dancers apart.
At Shockout we have developed a dedicated system of training which provides a platform for aspiring dancers to embody what we believe the ethos of a Commercial dance artist in the 21st century should be; one who is free of restrictions within their repertoire of dance techniques and skill sets and whose performance quality expresses their individual artistic approach. We provide a nurturing environment to stimulate the technical, creative, and artistic skills of our dancers, helping them to achieve their full potential.

Meet The Directors

Shockout was founded by Sue and Jamie Luke in November 2004, with a vision to provide industry standard training in the North West. Through dedication and belief Shockout continued to develop their signature choreographic urban dance style, whereby versatility of their dancers remains at the forefront of their mission. Their dancers are known for their resilience, stamina, artistry and individual approach to their craft, which is cultivated in a structured conservatoire style setting that encourages and embraces uniqueness and individuality.

The History of Shockout

From its humble beginnings as a Saturday school in Liverpool, Shockout's evolution has seen a premises move to Manchester’s City centre, to accommodate its full times courses, where aspiring and passionate students can train and thrive in an environment conducive to creative and intellectual development.

We believe it is our professional duty of care to provide the greatest platform possible for aspiring dancers in the 21st century through longstanding links with organisations and employers in the performing arts industry throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. Furthermore, by making dance training accessible to those who deserve a chance if it's their passion, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or financial background.

The History of Shockout


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