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What is Shockout

Shockout offers the highest calibre of training in Manchester. Through an intensive course of study, the aspiring artist can realise their potential and nurture their creativity through their individual talent.

Our structured, diverse programme offers conservatoire training at its highest level, delivered by highly qualified and diverse industry experts, we strive to create a conducive environment where students are encouraged to explore and embrace their individuality, creativity and artistry. 

We are an Accredited Centre of Excellence.

Our Approach


Our ethos is to provide a broad range of practical driven subjects, to enable creativity, artistry and individuality. We aim to allow students to access a wide range of professional platforms, which inspire and equip students for a long and diverse career.


Our vision is to create passionate, determined and dedicated young artists with a holistic skill set, to allow them to achieve their career aspirations.


Student Voice is very important to us, and there are a variety of opportunities to be heard. Throughout your period of study at Shockout, you will have a head of year who will act as your first point of contact should you need any further assistance or guidance. As well as providing a comprehensive support system, we welcome your views through timetabled one to one tutorials, as well as informally through our open door policy.

The History of Shockout

From its humble beginnings as a Saturday school in Liverpool, Shockout’s evolution has seen a premises move to Manchester’s City centre, to accommodate its full times courses, where aspiring and passionate students can train and thrive in an environment conducive to creative and intellectual development.

We believe it is our professional duty of care to provide the greatest platform possible for aspiring dancers in the 21st century through longstanding links with organisations and employers in industry throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. Furthermore, by making dance training accessible to those who deserve a chance if it’s their passion, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or financial background.

Health & Wellbeing

Shockout is committed to the long-term health and career longevity of our young dancers. Through an on-site student support team and access to healthcare professionals within leading sector organisations, we will empower you to enhance your performance.

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